Reactive Dye
Disperse Dye
Direct Dye

  Synozol HB Series

Synozol HB Series, which is a set of dyestuffs that distinctively tend to build up on surfaces on the contrary to other reactive dyestuffs, allows the dyer to realize colors of high intensity that cannot be found with other dyestuffs. Synozol HB Series was also designed to realize the colors seen in other dyestuffs with much less dyes used. Synozol HB dyes, which have superior durability, exhibit incredible strength against repetitive washing. The dyes of Synozol HB series can be used using the same method applied to dyeing with other dyestuffs. It has a superior commercial quality and excellent colors.

  Synozol CP Series

Synozol CP Series, which include dyestuffs of excellent alkaline reliability, low directness, and high reactivity, is recommended for such dyeing methods as the cold pad batch and continuous dyeing. Each dye in the series has high durability against the sunlight and is waterproof. Colors realized by dyes of Synozol CP Series boast of superior reliability and durability despite repetitive washing. Because the series also provide dyes of very bright colors, some of them are excellent for manufacturing fashionable female and children clothing as well.

  Synozol CR Series

Synozol CR Series, which include dyes for economic padding, provide commercial, durable colors that are sure to satisfy customers' demands.

  Synozol K- Series

Synozol K-Series provide dyes of new generation produced by developing new chemical structures or modifying existing chemical structures in order to provide properties of dyes distinctive from those of traditional reactive dyes. Dyes from Synozol K-Series are less sensitive to various dyeing conditions. In fact, the same dyeing conditions that apply to dyeing with Synozol HF and/or SHF Series dyes may also be applied to dyeing with dyes from Synozol K Series. These reactive dyes provide colors that are brighter than those provided by other reactive dyes. The recommended three primary colors also have a wide range of applications.