Reactive Dye
Disperse Dye
Direct Dye
Synolon disperse dyestuffs boast of high strength and resistance against sublimation and sunlight. They are widely applied to synthetic textiles, such as polyester, triacetate, and acrylic. Various dyeing methods, including carrer dyeing and thermozol dyeing, may be used with these dyestuffs. KISCO is the first company in Korea to produce the RD-type dyestuffs across all areas. Because the RD-type dyestuffs boast of vivid and durable colors, they contribute to increasing productivity and quality.

 EXW -Series

  • EXW-Series provides dyestuffs that are recommended for poly/span and sport-wear.
  • These dyes exhibited superior durability in washing tests on AATCC 2A, ISO C06 C2S, and so forth.
  • The dyes are also highly resistant against dry heat.

 xf -Series

  • XF-Series provides products that are also highly durable.
  • These dyes exhibit vivid and durable colors despite high alkalinity, and do not contaminate cotton when dyeing T/C mixed spinning.
  • These dyes are especially suitable for discharge printing using alkali.
  • Dyes from XF-Series have high thermomigration properties and are environment-friendly.

 HWF Series

  • HWF-Series provides dyes that are much more resistant against water-washing, sublimation, and sunlight than those of K-Series.
  • These dyes display vivid and durable colors in a wide range of pH levels.
  • Various methods may be used in using these dyes, including dip dyeing, thomosol dyeing, and     direct printing.
  • Because these dyes are of high energy levels, they tend to build up on surfaces well, and are     recommended for mid- to dark colors.



  • These dyes of low energy levels exhibit superior-quality colors, and are suitable for rapid dyeing.
  • They are loved for their covering and migrating effects. The dyes are also less likely to be affected by temperature and the duration of time of dyeing than other dyes.
  • These dyes may be applied to dyeing T/C, T/R, T/W, and other types of mixed spinning as well as alkali dyeing.
  • The EN-F dyes boast of high resistance against the sunlight in light colors.
  • KRD-SE Series, which provide dyes of medium energy levels, are recommended for dyeing mid- to dark colors.
  • The wide applicability of the three primary colors ensures superior dyeing quality.
  • These dyes with excellent color constancy are recommended for microfiber and light-weight PES.
  • They are durable against repeated washing, sublimation, and the sunlight.
  • A. Pale Shade B. Medium Shade C. Deep Shade D. Rapid Dyes


  • These dyes, which are often recommended for discharge, are environment-friendly and are durable.
  • They are especially suitable for dip-dyeing and printing cellulose acetate and its mixed spinning.
  • These dyes are highly resistant to the sunlight, and very durable against gas fading.

 SMD - Series for Micro fiber

  • These dyes show high color yields when used with microfiber.
  • They are very durable against sublimation, and show little thermomigration.
  • They have a wide range of commercial applicability, and realize durable colors.


  • The first set of fluorescent colorful dyes, this series provides bright fluorescent colors.
  • The dyes exhibit high color yields. These dyes are quite cost-effective as well, as only the minimum quantity is required to obtain bright, vivid, fluorescent colors.
  • The dyes are also highly durable in almost all conditions. They are recommended for dyeing sports-wear, safety clothing, tennis balls, resins, and polyester.


  • Disperse dyes widely used, these dyes have high commercial applicability and are used in high temperatures.

 CHEMICALS for Syno Disperse Dyes

  • These chemicals used along with disperse dyes and other agents increase durability of the final products and make colors more vivid.